Environmental Legal Complaince

Environmental Legal Complaince Consultancy

QHSE Solutions is a company specialising in assisting its clients in managing their legal exposures in the areas of Environment.

Environment is an all-embracing multi-disciplinary topic and requires knowledge of a wide range of subjects: law and compliance, risk/safety management, occupational health and hygiene, ergonomics and human factors. The volume of environment legislation has increased rapidly because of national legislation, the social dimension , and case law. Many areas that were considered relatively straightforward have become increasingly complex and more detailed, i.e. Construction.

An organisation needs to take environment legislation beyond mere compliance. To add real value they should be capable of anticipating and evaluating proposed changes in the law, so that the organisation can plan, prepare and implement sound policies. QHSE can advise clients about the implications of existing and impending legislation on resources and business objectives.

Our focus is on providing clients with specialised legal support, backed by a legal team with significant experience in the areas mentioned above. The staff represents a multi-disciplined team of lawyers, safety professionals and project managers.